Wanted Raccoon

Wanted Raccoon is another game where players have total control over gameplay, and can dictate their own success or failure.

To preface the backstory of the game, players will play as a raccoon, who once lived a peaceful and non-threatening life in the forest. That is, until one day, the humans invaded, cut down all of the trees, and built homes there instead. The animals who once lived there either had to hide or were taken away to shelters. The raccoon who players will control was put into a shelter and separated from his family as well, so it’s up to you to help him escape, meet up with his family, and find a new home somewhere safe.

The city where you will adventure through consists of forests, construction sites, animal shelters, different houses and neighborhoods, car dumps, car repair shops, churches, stores, and much more. Every location contains interactive tasks that you can complete to level up your raccoon.

Leveling up your raccoon allows him to master new skills, improve his new base/home, receive items that will aid in building and escape, and make new friends with other raccoons who are also completing the same tasks.

The first thing you will need to master in Wanted Raccoon is stealth, which will help you go unnoticed by the humans who will lock you back up in the shelter. You can be stealthy by hiding and dodging out of view, moving around under a cardboard box, or even just timing your movements correctly.

The next step is transportation. Raccoons can use abandoned vehicles such as cars and trucks, or even skateboards, to move efficiently throughout the city. You’ll want to use these vehicles to transport any resources that you find because simply holding them will slow down your walking speed.

Using these resources, you can craft items that can be used later on. You will also need to craft materials to build a base, which will be your temporary shelter while you’re on the hunt for the perfect home. You may also build traps, which can be placed around your shelter to ward off any humans nearby.

There are many different parts of the city, and all regions have special characteristics and resources to collect. Along with resources, you may also find or craft clothes and accessories, which not only snazzy up your raccoon, but can also provide protection and disguise.

In Wanted Raccoon, you can just have fun by wreaking havoc all over the city and keeping those city residents on their toes. Sneak around town, craft supplies and traps, gear up, and save the day by helping the other animals who have been caught. The worst that can happen is
you get taken back to the shelter!

By ~ Alice

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