Knockout City

Knockout City is all about competition and power! In Knockout City, grudges and rifts are settled in spectacular dodgeball matches.

The first step to putting up an incredible performance is creating and customizing your character. Characters can customize everything, from hair color and style, to outfits, to accessories. The best players do it in style, so make sure you’re satisfied with your look!

Next, you’ll want to form a crew depending on whether or not you want to play single or with a squad. Crews can be three or four players depending on which multiplayer game mode you plan to play.

When you’re ready and queued up to play, the game will automatically match you with other players and a map. There are many maps in the game system, so you’ll just have to get used to all of them.

A few maps include settings such as back alleys, skyscraper rooftops, busy street intersections, construction sites, and even the local burger restaurant. These maps also feature non-interactive objects such as moving cars, rooftop collapses, and maybe even wrecking balls that you will have to dodge.

When the game starts, you’ll find dodgeballs all over the place. Grab these and use a variety of trick shots and throwing tactics to knock out other players with the dodgeballs. Also, among the regular dodgeballs, there are specialized dodgeballs, which may deal more damage or move at a faster pace.

While playing in a free-for-all match, it’s everybody for themselves. It’s up to your trick shot abilities and dodging tactics to make it to the top and stand out on the battlefield. Trick shots will speed up the dodgeball, thus dealing more damage to whoever it hits. And of course, like normal dodgeball, players may also catch the balls flying at them so as to not take damage.

However, when playing with teammates, you are able to do a few more fun things. One of which is passing the ball. Passing the dodgeballs to your teammate powers up the dodgeball, and makes it go faster and deal more damage. Also, players may engage in “balling up,” where one player balls up and gets thrown by a teammate of theirs. This deals some of the most damage.

Being the champion takes practice, but once you get there, you can unlock a plethora of rewards and prizes, which may include things like new accessories and rare outfits. Also, playing as a crew can allow you to unlock some crew-only rewards.

Knockout City is definitely a thrilling game full of action and fun competition. The game is available to play in both single and multiplayer modes, and is a great way to bond with friends this summer!

By ~ Alice

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