Google Feud

Recently, many people have begun to play games similar to Google Feud, which is a game show style guessing game. Players take turns guessing Google searches in hopes of getting one of the top searches correct.

Every game starts with the selection of one of four categories: general culture, people and individual issues, popular celebrity names, and questions of any kind. This category will be the general commonality between all prompts. For example, one prompt might be: “Why is my
dog…” Players will now have to take guesses on the most popular ending to this question.

Players who guess correctly and give an answer that is in the top Google search results will earn a considerable amount of points. More guesses means less points and trickier prompts later on. The round/prompt will end when all of the top searches have been guessed or when a single player has made three incorrect guesses.

The great thing about Google Feud is that players don’t need any prior knowledge on any subject, all they need are simple deduction skills and a basic understanding of how the majority of Internet-goers operate and think.

Google Feud also does not need to be downloaded, it can be played online in a browser window by searching up “Google Feud” on most electronic devices.

This game, because of its competitive nature, can be a fun way to battle it out between friends. It can also be really funny because a few of the top searches may be something not even close to what you were imagining. So, if you’re into friendly competition and guessing games, definitely check out Google Feud!

~ Alice

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