Goose Goose Duck

Even though the whole “Among Us” phase might be over, new spinoffs of the game provide newer and fresh entertainment for all Among Us lovers. This new game, called Goose Goose Duck, resembles Among Us in many ways and allows for players to enjoy both old and new aspects of the game. 

For starters, Goose Goose Duck can be played by up to 16 players. Each player will choose a different colored duck, and can accessorize with a variety of hats, outfits, and pets. Every player may also personalize their name. 

The story behind this game is that a crew of geese on the SS Mother Goose must work together to keep the ship in good condition throughout their intergalactic journey. However, aboard the ship are a group of undercover Mallards, who are ducks that have a vengeance against the geese and want them gone. 

The geese, who outnumber the ducks, must find a way to navigate the ship and fix any problems aboard. This may include running a DNA test to search for potential ducks, unjamming the vending machine, or calibrating the reactor. 

While the geese are hard to work with the tasks on board the SS Mother Goose, the Mallards can run about wreaking havoc throughout the ship, subduing the geese and venting from place to place. However, different from Among Us, there is a cooldown for venting. 

At the center of the ship is a central meeting room and an emergency button, which can be called just like it would be in Among Us. While Among Us requires an external software to speak through the game, Goose Goose Duck has an in-game speaking system so players can communicate by talking rather than typing. 

And of course, there are different roles that can be played in this game. Settings may be altered to decide which roles will be offered, how many players will get the role, and the probability that the role may appear in the population. 

Goose Goose Duck is definitely a game you should check out if you’re into Among Us and want the trend to keep going. Goose Goose Duck is a great game to play with a larger group of friends, where all of you can embark on the journey to rid the SS Mother Goose of the terrible, malicious Mallards.

~ Alice

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