TBR: Skyhunter (Skyhunter Series, Book #1) by Marie Lu

Skyhunter, a cool blend of science fiction and fantasy, was for me one of the best books of its
genre. To give you a brief rundown of the story, it’s centered around a talented warrior named Talin
Kanami sometime in the distant future when the civilizations of today have collapsed. Talin is part of a
group of elite soldiers known as Strikers for one of the only remaining nations (called Mara) standing
against the tyrannical nation of the Federation, which seeks to have all the remaining lands on Earth under
its control. As threats from the Federation threaten to lead to Mara’s collapse, Talin decides to, with the
aid of her companions, do whatever she can to defend Mara.

Now, upon reading the overview above, the book may not have completely captured your attention
yet, but trust me, the synopsis does a disservice to the completely engaging way in which the book is
written by Marie Lu. I can in fact promise that the book is engrossing and will be worth your time. While
the plot in some ways is similar to that of other books, there are unique aspects to this one and
well-written combat scenes that make it truly unlike any other. In that sense, it is a lot like Lu’s wildly
popular Legend book series, which you should totally check out if you want a set of good reads over the
summer. But I digress. The characters in Skyhunter are dynamic, the story is constantly moving along a
plotline full of twists and turns, and the setting is truly captivating. It may even lead you to wonder what
future humans may think of the civilization we have today.

The aspect of this novel I enjoyed the most is how it blends in a bit of everything that could
possibly interest a reader. More specifically, within the book, you can find adventure, mystery, action,
suspense, science fiction, and even romance. The characters, being dynamic as mentioned above, are
easy to relate and connect to. If you enjoyed books such as Warcross, The Maze Runner, or Legend, this
book is hands down one for you.

In conclusion, I really have no criticisms for this book and thought it was overall really well
written. It is perfect for YA readers but can be enjoyed by those older and slightly younger as well. I know
that I am personally looking forward to the release of the sequel to this book, Steelstriker, which is set to
be released around early October of this year. See you then with another review!

Review by ~ Andrew

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