Among Us Mods

Assassin Mod
One of the imposters will be the Assassin, who has regular imposter duties and acts like a normal imposter outside of meetings. However, during meetings, the Assassin can kill one person per meeting or button. The rules are simple: the Assassin must correctly identify the role of a non-imposter by listening to the meeting and using process of elimination to determine the role of one player. Once the Assassin is sure that their guess is correct, they can try out their hypothesis. If the Assassin correctly identifies the player, said player will be killed in the middle of the meeting. But, if the Assassin is wrong, the Assassin will die instead. This process must be done quickly though, because once the meeting timer runs out, the Assassin must wait until the next meeting to act upon their guess.

Camouflager Mod
The role of Camouflager will be given to one of the imposters, who has the ability to turn all of the players into the same shade of grey. This also includes removing all of the hats, outfits, and names of all players so that everyone is indistinguishable. Once the Camouflager has hit their special button and everyone has become grey for a certain amount of time, the imposters are better able to perform kills in the open because no one will be able to tell who is who. This mod is especially fun because it allows the imposters to stir up confusion by killing and venting in plain sight, which causes blame to be thrown around.

Button Barry Mod
This mod is fairly simple, and can be applied to any player, regardless of role. The Button Barry will be able to button from anywhere on the map, a few times a game. However, every time the modded player chooses to click their button, their vision range halves. But even though the vision range of the Button Barry goes down, this mod can be very helpful because it allows the player to get out of sticky situations and quickly contact other players in the game.

Underdog Mod
The Underdog is an imposter that, like the name implies, has a lesser advantage than the other imposter. Basically, the Underdog imposter, while their partner is still alive, has a cooldown 1.5 times as long as the normal imposter. However, once the normal imposter has been voted out or has been killed by another role, the Underdog’s kill cooldown becomes 0.5 times the amount of seconds it would normally take. Because the Underdog cannot kill as much as the normal imposter during the first few rounds, the Underdog is more likely to survive and reach a very fast cooldown, which then benefits the Underdog by letting them kill faster and ultimately, have a better chance at winning.

By ~ Alice

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