TBR: Prodigy (Legend Series, Book #2) By Marie Lu

Prodigy is the second book in the Legend series, and it takes place in mostly the same type of setting. Before reading through the words that follow, however, it is highly suggested that you read Legend first, as spoilers are present in this review. Day and June are now sixteen-year-olds and fleeing from the Republic. They decide to join up with a resistance group against the Republic known as the Patriots, but
around the same time, the long-time Elector (ruler/dictator) of the Republic dies, leading his twenty-year-old son Anden to succeed him. The Patriots propose that Day and June join their plan to assassinate the new Elector, and from here, the story enters full swing.

The main element of Prodigy that separates it from Legend is how the story now has a bit of a broader setting. Whereas the first book in the series was really focused on solely the Republic, the story now expands to encompass the Colonies of America as well, the other major power in the former United States.

The interactions between the story’s two main characters, Day and June, makes the story as engaging as ever, and the plot is just as dynamic as the plot in Legend. Prodigy is, in short, just as engrossing as the first novel of the Legend series. The theme throughout the story of Day and June founding a new version of the Republic with them at the helm, I think, makes the book particularly exciting, and just like Legend, Marie Lu effectively shifts between the perspectives of Day and June every chapter. Lastly, cliffhanger placement at the ends of the chapters makes the book captivating.

Please do check this series out, if you’re just looking for a good read or have even the slightest interest in dystopian/action/even romance novels. The novel tugged at my emotions throughout and led me on a nice rollercoaster of emotions, and I hope you will experience something similar. I guarantee it will be worth your while, and as always, enjoy!

Review By ~ Andrew

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