It Takes Two

A new game has been up and coming in the gaming world, called It Takes Two. This game is an interactive puzzle adventure game, which forces you and your partner of choice to make your way through obstacles and challenges that will take both of you to solve and complete.

The backstory of the game is that two parents, May and Cody, are wishing to get a divorce, but when they tell their daughter Rose about the situation, Rose wishes upon a book of love that the two stay together. BAM! Now Cody and May have been transformed into dolls made by Rose, and they have to make it through the many obstacles in their way to get back to their daughter.

The obstacles in It Takes Two are very interactive and there are more than one way to solve every puzzle. It will depend on your wit, cleverness, and fast thinking how you make it out of every phase of the game. However, it would be remotely impossible to beat the game alone because as the title implies, it takes two to win.

Even though the two characters have very different skill sets, with May being a successful and hardworking engineer and Cody being a stay-at-home dad who helps raise Rose, they both have an equal impact on the game and both of them have individual strengths that are needed
in equal amounts to beat levels.

Every single puzzle and challenge is different from the last and requires new input and a new way of thinking to complete the levels. Along with the puzzle changes, the gameplay mechanics also change.

This game is really fun because it allows you and whoever you’re playing with to bond over shared experiences and it requires you to work together and think outside of the box. Not only is this a great game to play with friends or family, it also exercises your mind and pushes you to find new solutions to problems. So if you think you have someone who would be willing to play It Takes Two with you, you should definitely try it out!

By ~ Alice

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