TBR: Legend (Legend Series, Book #1) by Marie Lu

If Legend, along with its equal-in-par sequels are not the epitome of the YA dystopian genre, I
don’t know what is. Taking place in a time when global warming has claimed many of the coastal areas of
today, the United States has split into two main parts –the Republic of America in the West and the
Colonies of America in the East. The book has two main characters and shifts between their POVs every
chapter –Day, a fifteen-year-old notorious for his parkour skills and various actions intended to sabotage
the Republic, and June, also a fifteen-year-old, but in contrast, the prized possession of the Republic and
an academic prodigy/agent. When June’s older brother, a captain of the Republic, is murdered, June
suspects that Day is responsible and begins the hunt for him, and it is here where the story kicks off.

It’s hard to pinpoint what made this book particularly enjoyable for me. Perhaps it was the unique
dystopian setting. Maybe it was the characters themselves and their interactions. Or could it be the highly
dynamic plot? Whatever the case, the book is definitely engrossing. Marie Lu does a fine job of placing
cliffhangers at the end of every chapter, inevitably leading you to keep reading.
This novel blends the elements of a couple of genres together that make it appealing to a wide
audience. While targeted toward the YA audience, it can also be enjoyed by those older. Legend contains
the top qualities of suspense, action, romance, and even horror novels, and nothing, such as the high
tension parts of the story, feel exaggerated or off-putting in the least. The continual shifts between the
perspectives of Day and June make it further appealing.

In conclusion, I consider Legend to be one of the finest books in the dystopian realm of books. It
will make you think in some parts and keep you continually engaged. The characters are easy to connect
to, and you will probably feel a true sense of empathy for them as they go through various ordeals. Enjoy!

Review by ~ Andrew

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