Dead by Daylight

With more and more video games being made daily, I thought I’d take the time to introduce you to a few of them, the first of which is called Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight is a five player game, with a game objective very similar to Among Us.

In the group of five players, one is designated to be the Killer. The rest are Survivors, and must work together to escape the map by repairing five generators in order to open the exit gates. While on the hunt for the generators, Survivors can crouch behind obstacles and in interactive items. Also, when performing quick and rash actions, Survivors can make noise, which alerts the Killer to their location. To spot the location of the Killer, Survivors can look for the red light that will point in whatever direction the Killer is looking in. A loud heartbeat will also become audible as the Killer approaches. Once a Survivor has engaged in fixing a generator, the Killer will be notified, so it would be a good idea to have other Survivors guarding your back, since Survivors can blind or stun the Killer momentarily. Fixing the generators involves skill checks, in which players will need to hit the correct keys at the correct time to fix the machinery. Once all five generators have been fixed, the exit gates will open up, and they can successfully leave the arena.

The Killer will want to subdue all of the Survivors by placing them on hooks located around the map. The enhanced senses of the Killer, which allow them to follow the footprints and marks of fleeing Survivors and be alerted to noises made by other players, allows the Killer to track the Survivors down. After the Killer has attacked a Survivor, a cooldown will ensue, and the Killer will have to wait for a set time before attempting another attack. Once a Survivor is down, the Killer will have limited time to bring them to a hook before they struggle out of the Killer’s grasp. Remaining players may also rescue hooked players, bringing them back to full health and increasing the Survivors’ chance of winning.

Once the exit gates have been opened, a two minute Endgame will begin, and in that time, Survivors will need to make the choice between fleeing out of the arena alone or saving the other trapped players and leaving the map together. Anyone left after time is up will not make it out.

At the end of every match, all players will receive or lose points for how they performed during the night. Points will be accumulated over time to give you an overall ranking, which will be used later on to place you in an arena with similar ranked players.

I wouldn’t recommend Dead by Daylight if you are particularly queasy around images of masked figures, but other than that, this game can be quite fun to play, especially with friends and in-game communication.

By ~ Alice

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