5 Fun Things To Do This Summer 2021

COVID has definitely taken up our lives and changed our lifestyle so much that it’s weird having life slowly but surely come back to normal. Many people are getting vaccinated and continuing to wear their masks, which is a good sign for the world. Last year, we all missed out on the fun summer events, vacations, and memories summer break brings, but this year, there are more open doors to have fun, but of course with ongoing precaution. So here are some activities you can enjoy doing this summer with safety and lots of fun!
*everything mentioned should be followed with precaution wearing masks and still maintaining distance.*

1) Have a Picnic

This pandemic has definitely made us crave some socializing and sunshine, so grab a blanket, pack some Pinterest inspired food, and wear cute themed outfits with your family or friends, and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing picnic at the park!

2) Go to the Beach

Summer is beach time. Hot days are aggravating, and staying home all day with the air conditioner on makes headaches worse and summer fatigue more tiring. So grab some friends or family members to take a stroll down the beach, swim in the beach, or just take a walk alongside the pier because it’ll definitely melt all your sweat!

3) Read

Students, we all are exhausted from school work and textbooks, and almost never had the time to read some leisure books that are actually fun during the whole school year. Take this time to download an interesting book online or go to your public library (with safety precaution) and sign up to get a book and read in your nice air conditioned home!

4) Camp (in your backyard)

Having a backyard comes with lots of advantages. You can camp! During the evening, pitch a tent and hang out in your backyard with some LED lights, music, and a dance party and spend the whole night camping in your backyard. And don’t forget the smores!

5) Take a Break!

This whole year has been rough. Students, we have been stuck at home, cramming for tests, bombarded with homework, and staying up way too late. So you deserve a break. Whether it’s just watching Netflix all day eating cookies, taking up a new hobby, cooking, or reading, you deserve a break and get to spend summer however you want!

By ~ Erica

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