They Just Don’t Stop Coming

This role will be given to one of the imposters, who will have the ability to turn temporarily invisible. Other players will be unable to tell who the imposter is while they are invisible. There is a limit to how long the swooper may stay invisible, but while you remain unseen, it is very easy to cause chaos among others by killing around nearby players. However, because the swooper has powerful abilities, they cannot vent.

The Glitch:
The Glitch is on their own team, and has the ability to sabotage, kill, morph, and hack other players. The Glitch’s goal is to kill everyone and be the last person standing. First off, the Glitch can hack other players, making them lose the ability to report bodies or do tasks, which means they can only walk around the map. The Glitch may also morph into other players and perform kills to make themselves seem less suspicious. But, the Glitch can be killed by the imposters.

This player will be able to choose a player to keep track of for the rest of the game. An arrow on the tracker’s screen will point to the player who has been chosen for tracking. However, the tracker may only choose one player to track, so it is best to choose wisely.

One crewmate will be the Spy, and once this player has activated “Spy Mode,” they will be able to glean more information from the admin table and vitals. On the admin table, the spy will be able to see the colors of the players. Even if there is a morphling, the spy will see the player’s original color. For vitals, the Spy will be able to see how long players have been dead for.

The Miner is on the same team as the imposters, and will try to help them win. The Miner is able to construct new vents on the map, which will all connect to each other. Miners can be caught constructing these vents however, so they must choose inconspicuous locations to build vents in positions that will also benefit the imposters.

By ~ Alice

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