Among Us Mods (AGAIN)

The Child is one of the crewmates, but they cannot be voted out or killed. Once the Child dies, everyone loses.

The Arsonist is on their own team, and tries to light people on fire. When in contact with another player, the Arsonist can douse them in gasoline. When the cooldown is up, the Arsonist can light those drenched in gasoline on fire. The goal of the Arsonist is to drench everyone and ultimately set everyone on fire.

The Mayor has the power of voting. The Mayor may choose to withhold from voting, and that vote will go towards the next vote. There is no limit to how many votes the Mayor can keep, which makes the Mayor a very important player to have in order to sway the vote in favor of whatever side.

The Shifter is a roleless character who can switch roles with another player. When the shifter attempts to swap roles with a player who is modded, the shifter will take on the special role and the person who got switched with will become a crewmate. If the shifter switches roles with a crewmate, their tasks will switch. But, if the shifter attempts to switch with an imposter, the shifter will die.

The Swapper is a crewmate who has the ability to swap two people’s votes during meetings. For example, if there are four votes on person A and six votes on person B, the Swapper may switch the two, giving person A six votes and person B four votes. The Swapper has a very strong influence on meetings.

Time Lord:
The Time Lord is a very fun role to have because it allows you to turn back time by a few seconds. Once time has been reversed, all players retrace their steps until they arrive at the position they were in however many seconds the time has been turned back ago. Also, any players who died can be revived if they died within the last few seconds.

By ~ Alice

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