New Among Us Mods

The game “Among Us” has taken the world by storm. Normally, a group of players will be split into two roles. There will be a few imposters and the rest of the players are crewmates. The crewmates have to finish a certain amount of tasks before the imposters kill all of the players.

Ever since the surge in popularity, people have begun to make different mods, or “modifications” to the game. Popular gamers and streamers have started playing with mods, so I thought I’d explain how a few of these new mods work, in case you’ve been a little confused.

Jester Mod:

Perhaps one of the most popular mods in Among Us is the jester mod. You might have heard of “trolling” before, where players try and act suspicious to throw everyone off. In this mod, one player is selected as the jester. The jester’s job is to gain suspicion and get voted off. However, the jester also has tasks and can win as a normal crewmate. The jester can also be killed by the imposters, who have no idea who the jester is. Basically, the jester must be able to avoid getting killed while also acting suspicious enough to get other players to believe that they are the imposter.

Sheriff Mod:

In this mod, one player is given the “sheriff role.” The role of the sheriff is to successfully identify the imposters and kill them off. This player can kill whoever they think is the imposter. However, if they try to kill an innocent crewmate, the sheriff will die. If they kill the imposter, the imposter will die. What makes the mod fun is the suspicion that gets thrown around. If the sheriff kills an imposter, other players might suspect the sheriff is the imposter. But if the sheriff admits they are the sheriff, the imposters will most likely kill the sheriff first. This mod is really good if you want to turn the tables on everyone, and start throwing suspicion everywhere.

Snitch Mod:

This mod is what some players call “op,” or overpowered. Basically, one player is given the “snitch” role. This player is a regular crewmate who can get killed and has tasks. This player’s objective is to finish their tasks as soon as possible. Once their tasks are all finished, the snitch will be able to see two pink arrows on the screen. These two arrows show who the imposters are. Meanwhile, when the snitch is working on their last task, the imposters are notified of who the snitch is, and the imposters will most likely kill the snitch if said snitch doesn’t act fast enough. This mod is especially fun because it makes the job of the imposters a lot harder. The snitch has to stay alive and make sure they don’t get called out as the snitch, and the imposters have to lie their way out if they are accused by the snitch.

Janitor Mod:

The janitor mod might be the most confusing mod yet. There are three “imposter” roles: the Godfather, the Mafioso and the Janitor. The Godfather is the main imposter, and can do everything a normal imposter can do. The janitor can clear bodies out of the way, and make it seem like nobody was ever killed. This means that players cannot report bodies. While the Godfather is still alive, the Mafioso cannot do anything that the imposter can. They simply have immunity and the knowledge of who is the imposter. If the Godfather is voted out, then the Mafioso gains the ability to act as the imposter.

Medic Mod:

One medic is assigned randomly to a player. This player can put a protective “shield” around other players for a certain amount of time. This shield prevents the protected player from dying. However, the medic will not know if they are shielding an imposter or a crewmate. The medic is also able to receive reports on dead bodies. Before reporting, medics can get a hint about the killer, for example, the report might say, “this kill was by a dark color six seconds ago.” These hints help the game by arousing more suspicion and narrowing the suspicion down to fewer suspects.

Doctor Mod:

The doctor in this mod has the ability to heal fallen crewmates. The assigned doctor is vulnerable to the imposters and can be killed at any time. The doctor has a healing cooldown to prevent too much healing. However, once a crewmate is revived, they lose the ability to speak, so they can’t reveal who the imposters are. This mod makes it harder for both the imposters and the crewmates. Players might crowd around a dead body, waiting for the doctor to show up, causing more suspicion and chaos.


All of these mods are super fun, so I highly recommend trying them out. If you are interested in any of the mods, you must search them up online and download them. And, make sure to play these mods in a private lobby, preferably one where players may talk among themselves using voice. This just makes the game a whole lot easier. Anyways, go play some among us and have fun!

By ~ Alice

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