Letter to 2022

Dear 2022,

2020 was a rough year. We started quarantining in March, and we’ve been quarantining ever since. Things that most of us looked forward to, such as playing sports, or watching sports, or going to live events, were all canceled. We’ve all suffered from lack of human interaction. I hope that 2022 will bring us joy, and hopefully, no more coronavirus.

For me, perhaps the saddest part of the pandemic was the Olympics getting canceled. The Summer Olympics were supposed to be held in Tokyo, Japan, but for the safety of everyone, they were postponed to 2021. I understand that everyone’s safety comes first, and I’m grateful that the safety of the athletes were taken into account, but it’s still a little heartbreaking for the athletes that train their whole lives for this event. Hopefully, in 2022, everything can go back to normal and the Winter Olympics can commence in Beijing, China.

2021 has just begun but it’s currently on the same track as 2020. We’ve been quarantining for almost a year at this point. Honestly, I’m starting to lose my marbles. I’m texting and facetiming my friends nonstop because I need people to talk to but I can’t go and see them. A lot of kids are in the same boat as I am. We all want to socialize but we can only do so much.

Not to mention, school. School for everybody has been hard during the pandemic. Students of every age are forced to engage in online school. Grades are dropping due to lack of help, an increased number of distractions, and procrastination. Some classes are harder than others in the online learning environment, like science: how are we supposed to do labs? And mathematics is another subject that many struggle in, so without the ability to ask teachers questions whenever you want is detrimental to the improvement of students.

Seniors applying to colleges are also suffering. Colleges are no longer requiring test scores, so the amount of students applying to colleges has skyrocketed. And to add on to that, because of the pandemic, some freshmen in college have taken gap years in the hopes that the next school year will allow them to go to school in person. So now there’s more applicants and less spots.

And shopping. While everyone had onced at stores, the pandemic has forced everything online, so now Amazon is making some serious business. Everyone who is buying is probably ordering off of Amazon. And I might sound like a nerd here, but that means Amazon stocks have increased tremendously!

On a better note, vaccines for the coronavirus have finally been released to the public. Hundreds of vaccines have been administered to patients, but some of the long-term effects about it are unknown. Anyways, I know I can speak for a lot of people when I say: please 2022, get rid of the coronavirus.

Stay safe everyone and have an amazing week,


By ~ Alice

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