The Best Christmas Movie

The holiday season is fast approaching, so I took the time to browse the library catalog for some classic holiday movies to watch. Low and behold, I came across one of my favorite winter movies of all time: Home Alone. There are actually a lot of Home Alone movies, but my favorite are Home Alone one and two. Mostly because any movie after the first two have a completely different cast.

The Home Alone movies are about the adventures of Kevin McCallister, who is accidentally left at home while his family goes on vacation. However, the plot twist is that there are two criminals named Harry and Marv who are trying to break into Kevin’s house because they know that the family is out on vacation and the house will be unattended. It’s now Kevin’s job to protect the house from the burglars.

Kevin sets up tons of booby traps to deter the robbers who are also known as the “Wet Bandits.” Watching the two burglars get caught in traps and get beat by Kevin cracks me up every time without failure. In the end, Kevin manages to catch the burglars, who are taken away to jail.

The second Home Alone movie is a little different; this time, Kevin somehow loses his way around the airport and finds himself on a plane to New York. The Wet Bandits have escaped custody and have also found their way to New York to start a new chapter of their lives. Unluckily enough, the Wet Bandits catch sight of Kevin, and they start planning the best way to get revenge on him for previously jailing them.

Once again, Kevin must stop the Wet Bandits from catching him by putting all sorts of obstacles in their way. With the help of a DVD recording, Kevin’s father’s credit card, and a crazy bird lady, Kevin pulls off some of the funniest pranks, and once again puts the robbers in their place.

If you’re looking for a movie that’ll get you in the holiday spirit and make you laugh like crazy, definitely check out Home Alone!

By ~ Alice

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