Gingerbread Houses: What to do with Them?

With the holidays right around the corner, holiday traditions are starting up. One of the biggest holiday traditions that I personally know of is making gingerbread houses. It’s been a big tradition for many people, and it’s something kids can easily take part in. You just set up the cookie house and then you add on a bunch of candy and gummies by applying frosting to the cookies.

Of course, gingerbread houses are fun to build and decorate, but I don’t know about you, but I never actually eat them afterwards. Is it normal to eat the gingerbread house after it’s been decorated?

Usually what I do is set up and decorate the gingerbread house, but then I use it as more of a decorative piece. I’ll put it on the table as a centerpiece or something like that, because what’s the point of spending so much time and effort to make it look nice if you’re just going to eat it right away, right?

But that’s also the problem: after you have it sitting out on the counter for a while, it’s gone stale and the candy in it is hard and brittle. By then, it’s not edible, and so the gingerbread house has to go in the trash, but throwing it away feels like a waste.

On the other hand, if you spend all that time decorating the gingerbread house, shouldn’t you put it on display for a little bit and let others see it? If you eat it right away, isn’t it just like decorating cookies? Why go through all the trouble to set up a whole entire house if it’s just going to be treated as regular cookies?

And I understand that social media is a thing, and some people might just want to take pictures and post them before eating the house, but I would still want to have it around a little longer just so that I can appreciate it.

Even if you don’t mind eating the gingerbread house right away, I don’t know if I could actually eat the whole thing, since a gingerbread house is practically a mound of sugar.

Though gingerbread houses pose some issues, they’re still a big part of the holiday season and I know most of us wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to make one. This year, stay safe at home and enjoy some quality time with friends and family while making and decorating a gingerbread house. Happy holidays!

By ~ Alice

Gingerbread Houses: Are They to Display or to Eat?

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