Podcast Radar: Gamer Edition

Looking for something to listen to this summer and want to hear about upcoming games and other geeky topics? Check out these podcasts!

GoNintendo Podcast: For those interested in all things Nintendo! This podcast has been around the longest (out of the ones on this list) and hasn’t missed a week in over a decade so there’s tons of available content to browse through.

The Giant Bombcast: Looking for friendly banter about the latest game news and releases? Then this one is for you. Fair warning though, each episode averages 3 hours in length.

What’s Good Games: Game news and releases from 3 friends (and they’re women too! So if you’re looking for another perspective in the otherwise male dominated field this one is for you). Disclaimer: some games they discuss do contain mature themes.

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Looking for the table-top side of gaming? Check out this podcast. It’s a group of friends that talk about geeky topics and review board games.

All 4 podcasts can also be found on the following platforms:
Apple Podcasts

General Disclaimer: while none of these shows contain explicit warnings they may still contain some swearing and/or talk about games with mature themes.

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