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Volunteer Spotlight: Leo

Volunteer Spotlight: Leo

We value each and every teen volunteer who shares their time with our library. The Santa Clarita Public Library can’t say enough about the incredible teens who volunteer with us, and who become the heart of our special events, fun teen programming, and general operation of library services.


Volunteer work can range from being here during our Summer Reading Program, assisting with shelving duties, being involved in our Teen Advisory Board, and being a Digital Literacy Volunteer Instructor for our digital literacy program.


This summer, we were thrilled to be approached by Leo Ouyang, a high school senior who was interested in teaching computer languages. Leo wanted to spend his summer volunteering with us for Summer Reading and as a volunteer instructor. His passion about computer science was evident during his sessions, where he used free online web platforms to demonstrate the basics of Python and C++.  Participants in his class practiced writing strings of code, including how to write a program that would do simple mathematical equations in order of operation.  Class attendance skill level ranged from intermediate knowledge to those who had never heard of the computer languages before.


Thanks Leo!



What motivated you to become a Digital Literacy Volunteer Instructor over the summer?


I had always been interested in teaching and computer science. So I figured, why not do something I love with a subject I love?


How did you learn computer languages? In school, self-taught, online courses?


I self-taught C++ (my first language), took online courses for Python, HTML, and CSS, and went to school for Java.


Why do you think it’s important to teach coding?


Computers are our future. They will play an increasingly large role within our lives as time passes. Learning to work with them will be as important as working with humans.

What was the best thing about volunteering your time this summer with Santa Clarita Public Library?


It was meeting new people and bringing them together. Even though I only had a few students, they all came from drastically different backgrounds yet we all found unity in an interest in computer science.

Tell us something surprising about yourself!


I was first inspired to code by playing video games, notably, Minecraft.

Get involved!


Teens ages 14 and up can assist with many activities such as organizing, shelving, helping children with their Homework and with after-school programs. All teens are required to be interviewed or attend an orientation. In order to be scheduled for an interview/orientation, please click on the link “sign-up to volunteer” and complete the application process. Be sure to indicate which library you are applying too.


Make your voice heard! Be part of your local Teen Advisory Board.


Help shape teen services at the library.

Acquire leadership skills AND earn volunteer service hours.

Interact with other Santa Clarita area teens.

New members are always welcome!

Enjoy snacks.

TAB meetings are held monthly during the school year, September through May (unless otherwise noted), at your local branch of the Santa Clarita Public Library.


For more information on the Teen Advisory Board, click here


To sign up as a volunteer, click here


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Because We’re Horrified

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Because We’re Horrified


The very first horror stories were probably spoken word, passed down from generation to generation. These folklores were designed to explain, or possibly prepare, for the great unknown that lurks beyond.


Deeply rooted, primitive fear is a natural component to survival. But fear has many different faces- even if you aren’t currently being chased by a serial murderer and fearing for your life, you may still be facing something scary in your life.

Fear of rejection, fear of not fitting in, fear of not being good enough. 


Escape from what is terrifying you with a good horror book. Live the action, seek the thrills, and go on creepy adventures vicariously through these Young Adult Horrors and Thrillers list- click on the graphic to see our booklist of all things frightening.



For a more in-depth look at horror literature and emotional response, read this article.


Top 5 Summer Downloads From Your Library!

Top 5 Summer Downloads From Your Library!

Summer is finally here! That means plenty of time hanging out with friends, summer vacations, and amazing road trips.


Take your library with you all summer long with these amazing free downloads available from your Digital Library!



Quick Links:

Library Career Resources

Library Career Resources
School is almost out so it’s time to start applying to those summer jobs!
Your eLibrary has a wealth of information for FREE! We have career resources that include LIVE job coaches, practice videos to nail your next interview and more! Make sure you have your library barcode number handy and click on the links below:
Learning Express provides the most comprehensive selection of educational resources—including more than 1,000 tutorials, practice exams, and eBooks—for basic skills mastery, academic success, job preparation, and career advancement.

JobNow – Provides live interactive online help combined with online resources to guide you through the necessary tasks to get a job.

Here are 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your resume!

Free Audiobooks All Summer!

Free Audiobooks All Summer!

What is SYNC?


SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+. Returning April 27, 2017 SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week – pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes.   In 2016, 30 titles were given away over 15 weeks.


SYNC is dedicated to introducing the listening experience to the teen audience and demonstrates that Required Reading can be completed by listening.


SYNC is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine and titles are delivered through the OverDrive app. Download the app in advance to whichever device you anticipate listening on and be ready to go!


Simply sign-up to get notifications of when the FREE audiobook downloads are available. You can receive alerts by text message, email newsletter, or by visiting Titles change every Thursday at 7am ET when the program is running.

Please Note: Signing up for these alerts will not send you the titles. The alerts will simply tell you when and where the title is available to download.

Download Details

  • Downloads are in MP3 format, hosted by OverDrive, and are Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Downloads will operate through the OverDrive app.
  • Most listening devices are supported.
  • Each SYNC audiobook will be available for download for a period of 7 days (only).
  • Titles, once downloaded, are yours to keep.

Is This Fake News?

Is This Fake News?

Whether you are looking for an academic article or just browsing your Facebook feed, it’s important to know how to evaluate sources of information.


Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if something online is from a news organization that practices traditional journalistic practices, or if its non-credible rift raft that Joe Schmoe wrote from his parent’s basement.


The Trust Project by Santa Clara University has created what they call “Trust Indicators” which you can find HERE. The Trust Project was created to provide “evidence of trustworthy reporting — accuracy, transparency and inclusion –plainly into news practices, tools and platforms”.


Examples of trust indicators are:

  • Disclosure of conflicts of interest
  • Distinguishes between news, analysis, and opinion.
  • Additional links to diverse sources recommended to readers


Questioning where the content is coming from is a GOOD thing. You won’t get faked out if you evaluate the source by looking for these key items:


Currency: How recent is the information, and when was it last updated?

Organization: Is it easy to find the information you need?

Accuracy: How reliable is the information, and are the facts accurate?

Bibliography: How easy is the work to cite in a bibliography? Does it give you the author, title, publisher, and date?

Unfamiliar Topics: How useful is it when you don’t know where to start?

Languages: How easily can the work provide languages other than English

Get the facts, not fake news!




Banks, M. (2017). Fighting Fake News. American Libraries, 48(3/4), 18-21


Pogue, D. (2017). How to Stamp Out Fake News. Scientific American316(2), 24.


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