Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes is a very interactive adventure game that has infinite possible outcomes and many different storylines. This game is not packed with action, but rather it’s a one player, relaxing, story-telling video game. The narrative is based on the first-person narrative of your character, whose soul is trying to make its journey to the afterlife.

Gameplay begins shortly after death, where the souls are being brought to the afterlife via ferry and the Ferryman who guides the ship. To help your soul transition, the Ferryman must get to know the story of your life. To do so, the Ferryman will send you back to relive your biggest and most important moments.

Before Your Eyes is really cool because it incorporates the actual player into the game. Using your webcam (with permission, of course), the game can use your blinks to control the narrative. You will be able to control the narrative of your life using blinks, by blinking through a variety of memories.

Now you may be wondering how blinking changes the storyline. Basically, the idea is that you get to relive your biggest moments, literally through your own eyes. The faster you blink, the less significant the memories will seem. Those that you spend more time on will seem more important to the Ferryman.

The Ferryman will continue to pry for deeper memories, and eventually, will force you into your deepest and darkest secrets. These will continue to come through until you have re-lived your biggest moments and revealed enough secrets and truths for the Ferryman to peacefully send your soul onward.

Before Your Eyes uses blinking to incorporate the player into the storyline and truly engage them in the game. This gives the player an emotional and mystical experience that is truly like no other. However, it should also be mentioned that if you don’t want to hook up a webcam or you feel like the idea of blinking is absurd, there is a setting that allows players to scroll through memories by clicking the screen with a mouse.

So, if you’re in the market for a relaxing, but maybe emotionally tiring game, Before Your Eyes is a great option. This is a great game to vibe with, and the way the game is set up encourages players to simply enjoy. Before Your Eyes is also a pretty short game, and the whole run-through can be completed in less than two hours.

By ~ Alice

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