SpeedRunners is a competitive, racing game that slightly resembles the concept of Mario Kart.

The story behind the game is that because the city the game takes place in is filled with superheroes, all capable of saving the day, the true competition is getting to the crime scene first.

To start, players must select a superhero to embody. There are tons of different superheroes to choose from, but the hero you select won’t make a difference in your speed or abilities.

The game will automatically pair you with three other racers (can be robots or real players), and start the four player match. Players will all start at the same start line and will end at the same finish line.

Once the match begins, players will need to race to the finish line. There will be obstacles in the way, either from other players or because they are a part of the map.

Obstacles in maps include walls that must be climbed, chasms that must be jumped, spikes that must be avoided, and many others. These obstacles may be overcome by accelerating, using ropes to swing over large gaps in the floor, or using hooks to climb walls.

Players, on the other hand, can sabotage others by using the rockets, grappling hooks, spikes, and other miscellaneous items found throughout the course. Players can use these items to knock them out of view, delaying their progress and giving you the advantage.

And of course, this game may be played with friends as well. The game allows players to stay together during the matching process, so you and up to 3 other friends can compete against each other.

Not only is SpeedRunners incredibly fun to begin with, but playing with friends makes things ten times funnier and better. Because you can sabotage and wreak havoc upon your opponents, it not only makes the game very fun, but full of opportunities to start a friendly competition between friends.

By ~ Alice

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