Super Bunny Man

Looking for a game that’s full of hysterical laughter and the potential to make you forget all about everything else going on? Then look no further, for Super Bunny Man is the solution to all of your gaming wants and needs!

Super Bunny Man follows the story of people dressed up in bunny suits, who must use the laws of gravity and physics to jump, tumble, and roll through obstacles in order to reach the end of a grueling journey.

Enter one of four worlds (forest, cave, snow, or beach), and begin the levels. In every level, players will have to beat the timers and find hidden carrots around the map while simultaneously navigating around the plentiful spikes, boulders, pitfalls, and other dangerous hazards.

Players may attempt the game alone, or with a group of up to four players. When playing with a group, there are multiple game modes to try. Players may work as a group to complete the levels that are available to individual players as well, or they can try Deathmatch, Basketball, and Carrot Grab.

In Deathmatch, players will congregate in one area, and then attempt to push and kick each other off cliffs, into spikes, or over mountains. In Basketball, players are separated into teams, who will work and fight together to get the ball into their hoop. Lastly, in Carrot Grab, players strap on jet packs and attempt to collect more hidden carrots than the other team.

And you might be thinking that this game is nothing special, and that you’ve seen it all before. But, this game is extremely funny for a reason, and it’s because all of the characters are stuck in one position. In this odd, unbendable position, many tasks that would normally be achievable become quite hard.

Super Bunny Man brings about many laughs and seemingly impossible movements for non-flexible bunnies, but that just makes it all the more enjoyable, so if you’re looking for some entertainment, definitely check out Super Bunny Man.

By ~ Alice

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