Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a game suited towards all of the artists out there. In this game, players have the chance to use their artistic abilities to customize and decorate the world around them. The game is set in the midst of a coloring book world where characters have the ability to draw on anything and everything.

To preface the game, Chicory, the town’s best artist and wielder of the Brush, has disappeared and all of the land’s color has vanished alongside her. Your job is now to wield her Brush and fulfill her role.

As Chicory’s number one fan, you must use your painting expertise and power to explore and paint new places, solve puzzles, help friends, and color the world.

You will start your adventure in the land of Picnic Province. Here, you will begin your quest to fill the world with color. You will achieve this by painting on everything you can, interacting with community members, and collecting new items.

There is no true rhyme or rhythm to this game, players can simply go at their own pace and complete side quests however they like. Puzzles, which can be solved by manipulating the environment with paint, may occasionally pop up. Solving these will allow you to unlock new painting abilities, which in turn will let you reach new islands and places.

As you continue your paint-filled adventures, you’ll stumble upon collectables such as clothes, plants, and furniture. You may dress up your own avatar with these items or use them to spice up the surrounding buildings and town amenities.

Naturally, the further you venture, the more animal characters you’ll meet. The more friends you make, the more side quests you can complete. These quests include things such as taking art classes, delivering the mail, taking photography lessons, and more.

Another fun feature of this game is that you can play with or without friends. You and a friend may work together in a local co-op game setting to color the world around you with twice the efficiency. But, if you want to play this game alone, it’s definitely doable, and will prove to be a relaxing and light-hearted game. For all of the artists out there, or even those who just want an excuse to draw for fun, Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a great way to express yourself and your inner artist.

By ~ Alice

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