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Altruist Mod
The Altruist is assigned to a random crewmate, who now has the ability to sacrifice themselves to revive a dead body on the ground. The revival process takes a bit of time, so any called meetings or bodies reported will interrupt the process and ultimately leave both the body and the Altruist dead. Even after the body is revived, the imposters will get notified and there will be arrows pointing to the player who was revived. Although there are risks and consequences to getting revived, if said player can make it to the button in time, they will be able to reveal at least one of the imposters because they will have seen who killed them. Except this can also be risky because other crewmates may not believe the revived player, who will probably be targeted by the imposters next round.

This role is randomly assigned to a player after death, meaning that no one will know who the Phantom is until that assigned player dies. Basically, after the meeting after the death of the Phantom, that player will spawn in the vents. This player is partially invisible when moving about and more invisible when standing still. The goal of the Phantom is to finish a set of tasks given to them after death, and once those tasks are done, the Phantom wins. However, players who are still alive can tap on the Phantom when they are spotted, which terminates the Phantom and turns the Phantom into a typical dead ghost. This role is particularly fun because it allows the Phantom to play around with alive players and sort of embark on a game of hide-and-seek with everyone. Also, ghosts are able to see the Phantom and track their progress, but they cannot click on the Phantom.

The Undertaker is an imposter who is able to drag dead bodies around the map for a certain amount of time. This allows the Undertaker to hide them in places less visible to other players. However, this can be a risky move because the report button also moves with the dead body and now the Undertaker, meaning that if the Undertaker gets too close to other players, those players can report the body and signal a meeting. This role is very go big or go home, because if it works out and the Undertaker manages to hide the body, they can get away with more kills. But, if the Undertaker gets caught, it would be quite obvious that they are one of the imposters because they would be dragging a body around, and only the Undertaker has the ability to do so.

By ~ Alice

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