TBR: Champion (Legend Series, Book #3) By Marie Lu

Champion is the stunning sort-of-conclusion to the Legend series. Unlike Legend and Prodigy, Champion has the even broader setting of the entire world. Antarctica and Africa have now become formidable powers, China holds a substantial amount of influence, and the fragmented United States is now regarded as a fragile, unstable state. The book once again features Day and June as the main characters, and they are at the ages of sixteen to around twenty-eight throughout. Having established a new Republic with Anden as the Elector, Day and June hold immense power. However, the Colonies of America, backed by Africa, begins its efforts to conquer this fledgling Republic, and in this setting, Day, June, and Anden must cooperate to ensure the survival of the Republic.

Champion continues the same, elaborate rollercoaster of emotions felt by readers begun by Legend and extended by Prodigy. The relationship between Day and June is once again central to the
story, but in a way that I didn’t find to necessarily be cringey. The action and suspense aspects of the novel that characterize much of the Legend series truly shine in this novel, and if you’re hunting for a book with some great cliffhangers, you will not be let down. The novel even contains a bit of science fiction.

Now, you may be wondering why I wrote “sort-of-conclusion” to describe Champion at the opening of this review. The reason for can be explained by how there’s technically a sequel to this book called
Rebel, but it is more focused on Day’s younger brother, Eden, after Day and Eden have moved to Antarctica. Given how this series has failed to disappoint me yet, I know I’ll be looking forward to reading
the fourth and final book of the series.

If Prodigy (the second novel of this series) tugged at my heartstrings, Champion did the same but even more. Unlike many series of books and movies, the interactions between characters and the events
they undergo grow increasingly meaningful and powerful. In my opinion, this is precisely what has made the Legend series so popular. As written in my other reviews for this series, if you’re looking for good reads this summer, definitely have a go at Legend and its sequels. Some libraries, whether online or physical, have a copy of a book where the first three novels of this series are combined into one, so you may find that convenient if you choose to get into the Legend books. Have fun reading!

Review By ~ Andrew

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