Valorant Character Reviews: Astra

Astra is the newest agent to be added to Valorant; she debuted on March 2 as part of a the update. From Ghana, Astra is able to harness the power of the cosmos through the stars and galaxy. As a controller, Astra reshapes the battlefield however she pleases, making it easier for her own to dominate.

Firstly, Astra is supplied with stars, that she places wherever she wants on the map. These stars will be the locations of her abilities. Once a star is put down, Astra is able to transform it into multiple things, as well as pick it back up and place it elsewhere.

Astra’s first ability is “Nova Pulse.” Astra first chooses which star to activate. Once a star is placed or chosen, Nova Pulse can be activated. Once the ability has struck, all players in the range of the star will get concussed, making it extremely hard to see and even harder to aim at any target, even if it is standing still.

“Nebula” is Astra’s second power. Again, once a star has been activated, Astra can change it into a cloud of smoke. This cloud of smoke obscures sight and tampers with the vision range of those caught in the middle of it. Astra can also recall the smoke, which will cause the star to return to Astra, ready to be placed somewhere else.

“Gravity Well” is Astra’s third ability. Activate a star to form a well of gravity. Any players caught inside the range of the star will get pulled into the center of the well, and after a moment, the star in the center will explode, making players still trapped very vulnerable to attacks. This is particularly good for pulling people away from a site and making sure they aren’t able to reenter.

Astra’s ultimate ability is called “Cosmic Divide.” With this ability, two locations on the map are chosen and made into a huge wall of cosmic energy. Any attacks or weapons thrown through the wall will simply rebound and dissipate. Players may walk through the wall, but because the wall distorts the audio, players won’t know what is happening on the other side. These walls are great for staging ambushes and buying your team more time to plant the spike.

Astra is slightly harder to master, only because players need to be familiar and in tune with the different maps and where to place stars. Players who try Astra also need to be able to understand the other team’s strategy in order to place stars in the right locations. Playing as Astra also requires a strategic thinker, but once the basics are down, she’s a really cool agent to play as.

By ~ Alice

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