Even More New Among Us Mods and Sabotages: Part 2

Every day, new mods and sabotages are being coded, so there are plenty of options if you want to try out a modded game. Here are a few of the newest mods and sabotages that I thought would be fun to share.

Predator Mod:

At the beginning of a round, one crewmate is given the Predator role. This role allows the crewmate to kill whoever they want, though their main objective is to kill the imposters. However, they can also get killed by the imposters, so it’s best to try and remain hidden. The predator is also able to see in the dark, which is a huge advantage. Perhaps one of the best weapons the Predator has is the ability to become invisible for a few seconds, allowing them to remain undetected by crewmates and imposters alike. This mod is great for confusing people because if a crewmate sees the Predator killing, they might be called out as the imposter, and if the imposter sees the Predator killing, then the imposter will try to eliminate the threat.

Black Hole Mod:

In this mod, one of the imposters is given a black hole gun, which they can use to launch a black hole anywhere on the map as long as it is within sight. When the black hole is launched, players within a certain radius will get sucked into the hole and automatically die. However, imposters have to be careful with this power because the black hole is rather large, and can attract unwanted attention from bystanders.

Detective Mod:

The role of detective is assigned randomly to a crewmate. This role allows the detective to examine dead bodies. During an examination, the detective will receive riddles and hints that they will have to solve in order to find out who the imposter is. Another cool thing about this mod is that even after a body is reported and wiped from the map, the detective can still visit the site where the player was killed, and the same report will show up if you never finished reading. However, this is risky because standing still at the crime scene can get you killed or very untrusted.

Random Spawn Points:

A new update in Among Us allows players to spawn randomly anywhere on the map. Normally, players spawn in a circle on either dropship or around the meeting table. But, in this mod, players can be placed anywhere on the map, which really spices things up.

Random Places for Sabotages:

Much like the random spawn points, this mod makes the sabotage fixing sites appear at random places on the map. For example, the light switches are usually placed in the electrical building. But, in this mod, the light switches could be anywhere on the map. This makes things harder for the crewmates because they must find the misplaced location as fast as possible, but it becomes easier for the imposters, who have more time to decide what move to make next.

New Comms Sabotage:

Typically, a comms sabotage wouldn’t be an imposter’s first choice. On the Skeld and Mira HQ, the comms sabotage requires two people to enter the correct code into the sabotage key pads. On Polus, the comms sabotage requires spinning a dial to the right location. However, with this new comms sabotage, players immediately lose their names and accessories, and they also turn the same shade of gray. This sabotage will also do what any normal comms call would: make it so that crewmates cannot see their tasks or check the admin table. That way, all players are indistinguishable, making the game a lot harder to play because the imposters can kill and vent in front of other players without revealing their identity. But, this is a risky game to play because if comms is fixed before the imposter can get away with the kill, colors and names will reappear, and the imposter will be outed.

Between all of the different mods, there’s sure to be at least one that you’ll like. Have fun!

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By ~ Alice

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