The Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween or Christmas?

With the spooky season right around the corner, you might be looking for some fun movies to watch. One classic holiday movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. But what holiday is it about, you might ask? That’s the problem. It’s been up in the air for a long time now, because no one is quite sure what category The Nightmare Before Christmas really belongs in.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is about the people of Halloween Town. They live every day like it’s Halloween. The main character and resident of Halloween Town is named Jack Skellington. Jack gets lost one day and finds his way into Christmas Town. As the name suggests, the residents of this town live with Christmas spirit all year round.

The movie showcases the journey of Jack Skellington in Christmas Town. It is a mash-up of Halloween and Christmas, which is what makes it so hard to distinguish if it is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie.

Jack brings with him Halloween traditions, and in
return, the citizens of Christmas Town introduce to Jack
and his companions aspects of Christmas culture. Together, the residents of both Halloween and Christmas Town celebrate their holidays together.

If you’re a fan of holiday spirit and catchy songs, you’re sure to love this movie. However, even the catchy songs in this movie can’t make up for the identity crisis this movie has created between the two beloved holidays. The Nightmare Before Christmas: is it a Halloween or Christmas movie?

Written By ~ Alice

Nightmare Before Christmas: a Halloween or Christmas Movie?

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