TBR: Keeper of the Lost Cities

If you’re into fantasy adventure novels, you’ll find the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger engrossing. The series currently contains eight books, but the ninth book is set to come out on November 17. Those of us who are diehard Keeper of the Lost Cities fans have been waiting anxiously for this new installment after the cliffhanger that Messenger left off with in the last book.

Revolving around the adventures of Sophie Foster, who lives in the kingdom of elves, this series contains glittering castles, alicorns, and jewels everywhere. Elves spend their school years trying to find their Talent. There are many different Talents, and elves can also be Talentless. Elves with Talents have higher statuses than those who don’t, and unique Talents allow the yielder even higher status.

Sophie Foster was brought to the Lost Cities when she was twelve years old. She was raised among humans, which is just one thing that sets Sophie apart from the other elves. Sophie has brown eyes, very unlike the jewel tones of other elves’. She soon finds out that she is the result of a genetic experiment by a group called the Black Swan. She’s been genetically tweaked to have multiple Talents, and strong ones too.

The reason Sophie has been changed genetically is to defeat a group of elves trying to take control of the Lost Cities. This is an elite group of hand-selected fighters with strong Talents called the Neverseen.

Sophie and her new elvin friends, along with the Black Swan, will have to learn to wield their Talents to defeat the Neverseen. Problem is, the Neverseen have been strategizing for years, and seem to be steps ahead of the Black Swan. Sophie’s going to have to balance her studies, her love life, her friends and her family struggles with saving the elvin world.

Shannon Messenger has delivered yet another thriller. Not only will this book uncover the deepest secrets of the series, but it also switches point of views between characters so that readers can get a taste of two different worlds from two beloved characters. Set that November date in your calendar, pre-order the book, and take the time before it releases to re-read or start reading the series!

Review By ~ Alice

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