Test Kitchen: Cookie Brownies

So you find yourself hungry, wanting a sweet snack, and torn between wanting BROWNIES or COOKIES.

“Why,” you sob, slumped over a fainting couch with and arm draped over your eyes, “Why can’t I just make both, at the same time?!”

"Fainted" doggo

A tragedy of decision making conundrums.

Worry not. You can have your brownies and bake cookies too. And it’s so easy!

This recipe can be made a few ways. You can be enterprising and collect all the materials to make both the brownie batter and the cookie dough from scratch. OR you can grab a box of brownie mix from the store and cookie mix (OR you can go even quicker and grab a tube of pre-made cookie dough from the refrigerator aisle).

Collect your ingredients (wether you’re making from scratch or from boxed) and preheat the oven to the suggested temperature from your brownie recipe or boxed mix. Once the oven has begun heating up, get your batter and dough all made and ready.

Note the brownie rivers flowing freely between cookie shores.

Now. It’s time. Begin the combination sequence.

Pour your brownie mix into your favorite greased brownie pan (take this opportunity to add mix ins if you wish, like peanut butter or nutella, or crumbled butterfingers–really go for it, make your own daring flavor combinations).

Then grab your cookie dough–whether its from a bowl where you’ve just lovingly mixed it together or from a tube you’re about to rip open–and start grabbing spoonfuls. Flatten those spoonfuls of cookie in your hands like you’re about to make the tiniest cookie pizza in the world, and then start laying them on top of the brownie batter. You CAN cover the brownies completely BUT leaving some cracks for the brownie mix to ooze up between like a delicious volcano flow is my preferred method.

Once you have successfully merged your brownies and cookies into the same pan, toss them in the oven (which you already preheated to the temperature recommended for your brownie mix, right?), and bake them for the amount of time suggested for your brownie mix–don’t forget to take your pan into consideration! They always have tables for baking times on recipes and box mixes, pay attention so you don’t over bake your delicious yums.

All that’s left at this point is to agonize over how good it smells for the next 25-40 minutes, and then wait some more as they cool, and then finally realize a gremlin has broken into the kitchen and stolen the first couple slices (and a CORNER no less).

A missing corner! Who could have done this?! Also notice a plastic knife cuts through brownies much cleaner than a metal knife–I don’t know why, I don’t make the rules. Save a fast food knife the next time you get Quran-takeout!

Oh well. There are still 3 corners left, I guess!

Let me know how your cookie brownies turned out. I’m dying to read your takes–while my next batch bakes away in the oven.

10 Brownie Points to anyone who can spot the cameo by one of my favorite Star Wars droids!

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