May the 4th Be With You

It’s that time again. Today is the day that we celebrate Star Wars!
Although when don’t we celebrate Star Wars, right?
This year is special not only are we getting Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker two months ahead on Disney+, but we will also be getting the documentary series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, and the final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (again all on Disney+).
So, what are you going to do to celebrate? You can binge the entire Skywalker saga, rewatch The Mandalorian then the documentary series, read some Star Wars books, and of course watch the final episode of The Clone Wars. Whatever you choose make sure you have a snack and I have a suggestion below, as well as some great Star wars reads.

Nutella Tie Fighters

All you need are graham crackers or any cookie, Nutella or any melted chocolate, and marshmallows. Easy.





Latest Star Wars Reads




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