Instagram Bingo For all your Corn Teen Needs

Corn Teen Meme Themed Bingo

The time has come. Spread the corn far and wide.

If you don’t have a bingo on here, FEAR NOT! Your deficit of corn-tastic achievements can easily be remedied.

Find some flavorful popcorn recipes here from Food Network (ranging from the simply delicious to the outrageously complex).

You could make some corn dogs! An easy way is to follow a recipe like this muffin tin marvel from Jiffy (other cornbread brands are available, it all works the same, use what you like).

Log into Animal Crossing and plant some Yellow Hyacinths (they look just like corn!) if you don’t have hyacinth seeds–beg your friends. If you don’t have animal crossing, make some out of some paper and glue — it’s easy to do!

If nothing else, make the rest of your “Corn Teen” fun however you can.

We miss you here at the library, and we’ll be here for you when this ordeal is over. But for now, SCV Teens: Stay healthy, stay home!

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