The Restricted Section – Banned Book Week Is Coming

To many, the idea of banning or restricting access to books seems crazy; this is 2017, we don’t do that anymore, right? To the surprise of many, it’s still a very common occurrence, with books being challenged or removed from school and public libraries every year for all sorts of reasons. In some cases, it’s because content is deemed too sexual, or because characters may drink, smoke, or perform other such ‘bad behavior’ that readers may imitate. Sometimes, books are challenged and requested to be removed from library collections solely because of profanity, or the ever vague ‘offensive viewpoint’.

Most often, these books being challenged are for either children or teens; it’s rare for the top 10 most challenged books to not be made up almost entirely of children’s and young adult titles. Fan of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell? It was #10 of 2016 for offensive language. Interested in some of John Green’s classics? Looking for Alaska by Green is #6 on the list.

To remember that we’re fortunate enough to have access to any of these books and more that people have tried to keep from others we’re commemorating Banned Books Week at our libraries, on the 29th. Check out what time our activity is at your local library below:

  • Valencia Library: 9/29; 5-6p
  • Canyon Country Library 9/29; 4-5:30p
  • Newhall Library 9/29; 3:30-5p

Find out more about banned books week here.

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