Playing Pokemon Go? We Wanna Know!

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Now that we’re a couple weeks into the Pokemon Go craze, we wanted to pause and see how many of you were still trying to catch em’ all. Your answers help us better plan what to put on display and the calendar.

If you are playing, you may already know that there are now even more reasons to beat the heat at your local library. Not only can you find a Ponyta or Growlithe hiding out in our stacks, but you can also gather supplies and experience to help you become the best there ever was.

Both the Canyon Country and Valencia branches are PokeStops while the Newhall Library is a PokeGym where you can train and battle with the best of your Pokedex (spoiler alert: you may even find yourself up against your friendly neighborhood teen librarian). Public art and spaces surrounding the libraries are also good spots to collect your Pokemon necessities, just make sure to be safe as you explore.

Have a question about the game? Wish someone would drop a lure? Ask to talk to your teen librarian or any staff member that’s playing. We pretty much love sharing tips (and recruiting you to join Team Mystic)!

 Merbrarian Pokeball

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