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NaNoWriMo: We’re Halfway There!

NaNoWriMo: We’re Halfway There!


For those of you participating in National Novel Writing Month, whether you’re striving to become the next big author of our time or simply because of a deep enjoyment of writing, congratulations for taking part in this creative journey. As of today, we are just about half-way through our writing journey through November. Keep up the good work and keep that word count going!

Do remember that if you need a nice place to focus and keep wrwitign without the many distractions that you may have at home, the library is a great place to visit!  Each of our libraries not only have space to spread out and get to work in a more distraction-free environment, we also have many resources that may help with your writing struggles. We have numerous books for everything from writing short stories to mysteries to science-fiction. Take a look at some of these if you need inspiration. Even take a look at such books as The Curiosities or The Anatomy of Curiosity wherein real authors write notes in the margins of their short-stories about their process, their editing,and comment on one another’s writing.

We have our finale celebrations for each branch coming at the end of the month:

  • Valencia: 11/29 4-6p.
  • Newhall: 11/30 3:30-5:30
  • Canyon Country: 11/30 6:30-7:30p

Good luck, and keep writing!


*Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

It’s Time To Vote!

It’s Time To Vote!


For many of you, it may be your first opportunity to vote in this election. As many of you know, this election has been particularly contentious; however, please don’t let that dissuade you from voting. If you haven’t voted already (some of you may have through mail-in-ballots or early voting) tomorrow is election day and time to go out and use your new ability to make your voice heard.

Some of you may have heard the words “My vote doesn’t really matter” this election. With how stressful the election season can be sometimes it can feel easier to just say that you’re singular vote won’t make a big difference and try to separate yourself from it. Remember, your vote does matter, and not just for the presidential election. Not only will the candidate elected for President of the United States be the one to choose who will fill the the empty seat on the Supreme Court, a decision that could have an impact far longer than the four year term we’re electing a president for, there are also numerous decisions about other candidates from state to local and countless propositions that will effect the state of California.

Did you know that there are seventeen different propositions that will also be decided during this election? Everything from medication costs to the death penalty to educational funding are mentioned. Because there is so much focus on the presidential election, sometimes these are viewed as less important, a fact that can make votes of individuals even more important.

Not sure where to vote? Check out this site and just put in your address to find out where your polling place is!

Good luck, get out there, and vote!

Celebrate Your Freedom To Read With Banned Books Week!

Celebrate Your Freedom To Read With Banned Books Week!


Did you know that Charlotte’s Web, just ten years ago, was banned from some libraries in Kansas because “talking animals are blasphemous and unnatural”, or that the Diary of Anne Frank was once restricted because it may be “too depressing” for young readers?”

Throughout history books have been banned or restricted from access by those that would rather simply remove a book rather than read, think, and engage. Many of these are books that you may recognize: Alice in Wonderland (talking animals, again), 1984 (pro-communism), Lord of the Flies (depressing, again), Looking For Alaska (language, and content unsuited for the age-group), The Giver (for discussion relating to death). Each of these books are intense but amazing, and there are so many more.

Librarians,  however, wish to make books and information accessible to as many people as possible. These are the stories that make people think, that take people on adventures, that inspire readers.

Join us this week in celebrating Banned Book Week, where we feature books for all ages that for some reason or another have been contested, restricted, or banned throughout the years. We’ll also be having a Banned Books related activity at each of our branches:

  • Valencia Public Library: September 27th, 4-6p
  • Newhall Library: September 27th, 3:30-5:30p
  • Canyon Country Library: September 27th, 4-6p.

If you’re interested in more statistics as to why books are banned, and by who, take a look here.

Celebrate Your Favorite Fandoms With Fandom Fridays!

Celebrate Your Favorite Fandoms With Fandom Fridays!


Summer is unfortunately over, but we’re getting back into the swing of things here at the library with some of your favorite programs! Come join us on September 16th for Fandom Fridays!

For those craving a taste of some more pixel art after Pixel Pals during Summer Reading, the Canyon Country Library will be making even more perler bead fandom tributes with Character Creations. It will be taking place in the teen area from 4-5:30p.

For those looking for another fix of fandoms, the Newhall library will be celebrating them by making themed bookmarks of your favorite shows, movies, or universes. You can also test your knowledge with a quick round of Fandom Jeopardy, with trivia ranging from no-brainers to brain wracking questions featuring all different fandom categories. Fandom Fridays will be in the Teen Area of the Newhall Library from 3:30-5p.

Finally, September marks the beginning of a new round of Fandom Fridays programming partnered with our local Barnes & Noble. Every other month we will have a Fandom Fridays meeting in the Barnes & Noble at 23630 Valencia Blvd, Santa Clarita, each time focusing on a new fandom! Come join us this month from 7-8p while we focus on everything Percy Jackson, from trivia, to activities, to finding out which cabin you would call home!

  • Canyon Country – Teen Area 4-5:30p.
  • Newhall – Community Room 3:30-5p.
  • Valencia – Valencia Barnes & Noble 7-8p.

We look forward to seeing you!

9th Inning

9th Inning


…and the bases are loaded! We’re nearing the end of the game now, but there’s still time for a grand slam to end the game off right. If you’ve been keeping up with our featured missions, you may be very close to finishing off the Five Book Challenge already. If not, there’s still time with a bit of power reading to read and log five books before the end of the Summer Reading Program on the 30th to complete the Five Book Challenge!

All you have to do is log the five books that you need and stop in to our library to earn a free book, as easy as that!

Also, do remember to join us on the 30th for our Field Day Finale Celebration at Newhall Park from 9:00-12:00, we hope to see you there!


Missions Accomplished

Missions Accomplished


We’re getting towards the final stretch, and now is the perfect time to steal home by finishing the last big mission of the set, Mission 4. This one is also a little time sensitive, as you may have noticed, as one part of it involves the end of the Summer Reading Program, so now is the time to take care of this one now that’s it’s getting towards the end of July.

As usual, Reading is FUNdamental shows up again in this mission, and if you’ve been completing these missions in order you should have at least four books already finished counting this mission. That means just one more book and you’ve completed the Five Book Challenge, and still with a few weeks to go! This is the perfect time to finish up the challenge while also finishing up the last of the four mission sets!

You may have noticed if you’ve been checking in regularly the Rock the Vote polls going up here on the blog, a March Madness-esque bracket of books competing to be the last teen book standing, and there’s still time to vote if you haven’t already, even if we are nearing the end. The final vote is on the 28th, so be sure to hop onto the blog and vote for your favorite to win.

Have you ever wondered who are the people behind these blog posts? Ever need a little help finding a great book you’ll enjoy at the library? You’re welcome to Be a Team Player and come visit us at your local library. We’re the teen librarians, Dave at the Valencia Library, Meredith at the Old Town Newhall Library, and Nicole at the Canyon Country Library. Come say hello, and if you don’t see us you can always ask for us at one of the desks. We’ll give you a code to enter, and this part of the mission is done!

Have a plan to attend any competition or game during the summer? Take a picture at the game, sporting event, or competition and upload it in order to complete In the Game. It can be a group shot, a selfie, and any sort of competition of gaming event, and this part is as good as done.

Finally, the last part is a bit time sensitive. At the end of Summer Reading every year there is a big bash with tons of events, activities to try, some trivia to solve, and some performers to marvel at. This year is no different, we’ll be having our big Field Day party starting at 9:00am in Newhall Park! Attend and Have a Field Day, mark it off that you attended, and mission 4 is complete.

Mission 4 is a big one, because completing Mission 4 gets your name entered into a raffle to win an E-reader! Have fun completing the mission, and good luck in the drawing everyone!