GeoGuessr is another fun game to try out. It’s not an action game, or a level-based game, but rather it’s an interactive thinking game that connects the real world with screens.

Using Google Maps and Google Street View, the game gives you a 360 panoramic view of a place, which you can rotate and turn around as many times as you like. There will be clues, such as street signs, signature architecture, or even symbolic buildings.

Once you have considered all options and determined a potential location of where this specific place might be, you will be given access to a world map, where you can zoom in and out to pinpoint the place you believe the street view to be of.

After you have made your final prediction on the world map, the game will show the real destination and how far you were from it. The number of miles you are away from the actual location is your score for the round. The lower the score, the better because it means that you were closer to the real location of the place.

One tip for placing your final predictions on the world map: if you are sure about a certain place, zoom in as far as you can to place your guess. If you are unsure, stay fairly zoomed out. This way, you can get as close as possible to a certain spot if you are sure, and you can cover a larger general area if you’re not sure.

At the end of a number of rounds, your points from all of the rounds are added together and compared to other players’ scores. Remember, the lower the score the better. Another setting GeoGuessr has is the fact that you can filter the scenes. You may want to focus on national parks, or maybe concert halls, both of which can be filtered for so that your given scenes are only of the specific thing.

This game can be a great way to put your traveling knowledge to the test, as well as your knowledge on place characteristics. It’s also a fun game to play with friends and compete to see who can get the best score, and is therefore the most traveled among the friend group.

By ~ Alice

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