DIY: Friendship Bracelets

Need a fun way to cure your boredom? This bracelet is not only fun and easy to make, but it
also is a great accessory! You can even give it to someone as a friendship bracelet or keep it for
yourself. It takes one to one and a half hours to make, so it is a little time-consuming.

Step 1: Gather your supplies
For this craft, you will need:
● Embroidery floss (I would recommend having 4-7 different colors, but it can all be one
● Tape
● Scissors

Step 2: Measure how much floss you will need
Grab your first desired color of embroidery floss and loosely wrap it around your wrist about 5
times and cut it. Then, get your next color and measure it to the same length as the floss your
just cut. Repeat this for as many different colors/strands that you want.

P.S. I will be using green, blue, light green, and yellow embroidery floss. The more strands of
floss you use, the thicker your bracelet will be and the longer it will take to make.

Step 4: Tie all your floss together and tape it
Tie all your floss in a knot on the top of the floss and tape it to a surface (table, clipboard, etc.)

Step 5: Start making your bracelet
Take your first strand of floss and make a triangle/ number 4 shape with the floss and the next
strand. Then pull the first strand in the middle of the triangle and pull the strand all the way to
the top of the bracelet to make a knot.

Repeat this same thing one more time to secure the knot. Continue to do this with your first
strand to the rest of your strands to make a line, making sure to knot twice with every strand.

Now that you have a line created with your first color, do exactly what you did with that color to
every other color.

Step 6: Continue the pattern
You should have a line with every color that you picked. Now, just repeat what you did, making a
pattern (color 1, color 2, color 3, color 4, color 1, color 2, color 3, color 4, and so on) until it is
long enough to wrap around your wrist.

Step 7: Finish the bracelet
To finish the bracelet, tie both sides of your bracelet together around your wrist (It helps if
someone can do this for you because it is a little difficult to tie it by yourself). Make sure it is a
little loose so that you can take it off without having to cut it. Then, cut off any excess string that
you have with scissors.

Don’t get discouraged if you mess up or if your bracelet looks a little weird at first, it takes
practice. If you liked making this and want to make more, you can search up embroidery floss
bracelets on youtube to find tutorials for more intricate designs.

By ~ Isabelle

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