TBR: Artemis Fowl

The Artemis Fowl series, written by Eoin Colfer, is like the distant cousin twice removed to the Harry Potter series. The series contains some magical aspects, but mostly revolves around the adventures of Artemis Fowl. Artemis is a child prodigy, a genius, who uses his expansive knowledge to unlock the secrets of the fairies deep beneath the human world.

Artemis, with the help of his bodyguard Butler, embarks on a journey to exploit the elves and gain a ransom. The duo start by capturing an elf who is on their way to complete the Ritual, in which elves pick an acorn from an ancient oak tree next to a riverbend and bury it in the ground. This Ritual helps elves restore their magic.

Holly Short, first female captain of the LEPRecon (kind of like the police force), is on her way to complete the Ritual when she is kidnapped by Artemis and Butler. Her lack of magic resulted in her inability to become invisible, and therefore she was spotted by Artemis. Holly is taken as prisoner, and her Recon team must rally together to get her back.

During her time as prisoner, Holly finds the acorn she was about to use for her Ritual, and plants it. This act restores her powers and allows her to gain her magic back. However, the ancient ways of magic have bound Holly to the Fowl Manor, meaning she is not able to leave the estate.

As Artemis plans his way to fortune, he becomes aware of just how similar Holly is to humans. This revelation leads Artemis to begin talking to Holly, and in the end, Artemis decides to befriend her and lets Holly leave the house with half of the ransom money.

This truce between Holly and Artemis becomes a partnership. Holly and Artemis fight together against the problems of the fairy and human world. As the series goes on, the bond between Holly and Artemis strengthens, and they continue to save the world together.

Recently, the Artemis Fowl series hit the big screen. The books were adapted into a movie, which came out on June 12, 2020.

Whether you’re more of a book or movie person, the Artemis Fowl series can accommodate you either way. And with quarantine going strong, occupy some of your time by checking out the series!

By ~ Alice

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