Spice Up Your Room With These Wall Decor Ideas

Lately, we’ve all been spending a lot of time indoors and in our rooms. Many of us have bare rooms, and have always wanted to decorate our rooms, but have never had the time. Why not take advantage of this time at home to make some fun pieces of decor that you can use to create your dream room? Here’s a few crafts to get you started.

Craft #1: Hanging flowers


  • Fake flowers and leaves of your choice

  • String

  • Hot Glue


  1. Decide how long you want your hanging flowers to be and cut your string to your desired length. Cut as many as you would like.

  2. Flatten out your strings and pull them straight.

  3. Take your flowers and leaves and decide the pattern you want them in. Make sure you like the spacing of them. Lay your flowers and leaves out on the strings in the pattern you decided on.

  4. Either take the string and tie the flowers to them in whatever position you desire, or use hot glue to glue them to the string.

  5. Hang them up on your wall!

Craft #2: Hoop Macrame


  • Circular hoop made of metal, plastic, or wood

  • Yarn

  • Beads

  • Scissors


  1. Cut as many pieces of yarn as you would like to a length that is double the length you actually want your hanging to be.
  2. Loop the string onto your hoop with a cow hitch knot. Follow the instructions in the photo to successfully tie a cow hitch. Make sure that knot is in the middle of the piece of yarn and that the ends of the yarn are roughly the same length.
  3. Arrange your yarns until you’re happy with the way they look.
  4. Add beads to certain pieces of yarn and keep them in place by tying a knot above the beads and one under the beads.
  5. Cut the bottom of the yarn into a V shape with your scissors.
  6. Hang on your wall!

Craft #3: Pom pom photo garlands


  • String or yarn

  • Clothespins

  • Photographs

  • Big pom poms

  • Paint the same color as your string

  • Hot glue


  1. Paint your clothespins to match your string.
  2. Cut your string or yarn to the length you would like your garlands to be.
  3. Cut little pieces of your string, about 2-3 inches. Cut the same number of strings as the number of pom poms and clothespins combined.
  4. Example: If you have three photos and seven pom poms, cut 3+7=10 pieces of string.
  5. Tie your little pieces of string to your long garland, and space them out however you like.
  6. Lay down your pom poms and clothespins in any order you wish.
  7. Hot glue your pom poms and clothespins to the ends of the little pieces of string.
  8. Clamp your photographs with the clothespins.
  9. Hang up and enjoy!

Content By ~ Alice

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