Miss Michelle’s Fun Fact Corner

Hello Teens and Tweens! School has started back up so now is the time to learn new things! So here’s some fun/interesting/weird facts you probably won’t learn in school:


  1. Cotton candy was created by a dentist, so remember that next time you have that sweet treat.
  2. Clouds can weigh more than a million pounds! This is a weird instance where the water in the cloud is lighter than the air below it.
  3. The Queen owns all the the swans in England. It comes from a Medieval notion that swans are for the rich, and every year during the third week of July, all the swans in the River Thames are counted for the Queen in a practice called “Swan Upping.”
  4. The Comb Jelly, or or Mnemiopsis leidyi if you want to be fancy, has a disappearing butt, which is to say that if it’s not pooping, its butt basically turns invisible!
  5. Blue whales are so big than an adult human could swim through their veins, not that you should ever try to.
  6. Sloths can hold their breath up to 40 minutes if they slow down their heart rate enough. Dolphins can only hold their breath for 10 minutes!
  7. It’s impossible to hum while holding your nose. Go ahead! Give it a try!
  8. Lobsters taste with their feet. Tiny bristles inside a lobster’s little pincers are their equivalent to human taste buds. Meanwhile, lobsters’ teeth are in one of their three stomachs.
  9. Before toilet paper was invented, Americans used corn cobs. This fact could make a come back!
  10. Researchers at Princeton once turned a live cat into a telephone. Ernest Wever and Charles Bray took out a cat’s skull and most of its brain to connect the animal to electricity. When they spoke into the cat’s ear, the sound could be heard through a phone receiver in another room. The twisted experiment paved the way for cochlear implant developments.


Enjoy going back to school and remember that just because you can’t come in to the library doesn’t mean we can’t help you at home! Check out our website for homework help and come join our virtual homework help zoom meetings! Check our calendar for more updates!

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