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Unlucky Light Decorations

Want to decorate your room for this holiday season but don’t have enough time to transform your room into the haunted house you planned out? Don’t worry, we’ve got a fun and easy decoration for you!! Let’s make some awesome light decorations using just paper and string lights. Here are two “spooky” examples that you can use as a template, ghosts and black cats. Or just let your imagination go wild and create your own awesome design!!


Supplies Needed
Paper/Card stock
String Lights



  1. Create your own spooky template or print out ghost and black cat template.
  2. Cut out the template.
  3. Trace template onto card stock paper, cut out design then make two holes for eyes.
  4. Attach string lights by putting lights through eye holes.
  5. Display your spooky creation.

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David Escoto

Library Assistant at the Valencia Library & Lifelong Learner.

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