Shut Down Your Summer with Style


August calendar with sunglasses

The last week before school starts up can be stressful. Make the most of those last rays of summer sun!

The summer is rapidly coming to a close. School is starting up in a week and you want to make the most of your time before it’s gone!

Here’s a last minute bucket list for the end of summer:

  • Go camping with your friends! Get a blanket and stretch it over some chairs in the living room and decorate your “tent” with lights and washi taped cardboard for that chic glamping vibe, or grab a real tent and head into the great outdoors–even if it’s just the backyard–to sleep under the stars (WARNING: The outdoors can contain excess amounts of: snakes, bugs, dirt, coyotes, mountain lions, and dihydrogen monoxide. Stay safe in your camping adventures!)
  • Pack a picnic lunch, grab a blanket, and head to the park! Chances are, there’ll be plenty of shade under a nice tree where you can watch a game of soccer, look for cute dogs, and chat with your friends about registration and compare schedules.
  • Jump in some water! Preferably water meant for jumping into (fountains and man-made ponds are slime coated, full of flesh eating bacteria, and all manner of gross). If you have someone to drive you to the beach, convince them it’s to their benefit too, who doesn’t love a day at the beach? If you’re bound to city limits, chances are you know someone with access to a pool. Find them, go for a swim, wear sunblock.
  • Throw one last “Hurrah for Summer” party! It doesn’t have to be fancy. Get together with your friends, play some board games, eat some chips, watch a movie, marathon a TV series, or challenge each other to dance offs until your legs turn to jelly and you all fall over.

Most importantly, have fun! You can worry about your grades when school starts up, until then: Embrace the Summer.

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