Work Together #SRPMission


Mission Set 3: Work Together



  • Strategize! Come up with brilliant solutions as a group at our Escape Room, Pixel Pals or Stop Motion Animation programs and then feel great about yourselves.
    • Come check out one or all of these fun programs and get creative!
  • Tales of Teamwork Read an article (Tumblr or Buzzfeed counts), book (fiction or non-fiction) about people actively working on an issue you care about, whether it be in politics, the tech industry, or the arts.
    • Find a book or article about something you are passionate about no matter the subject…see how people are working to make the issue less of an issue!
  • Lend a helping hand. Volunteer your time officially or just do a good deed on your own to help someone in need. Tell us about it in a sentence below:
    • Have you volunteered or paid it forward? Tell us about it!

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