Achievement Unlocked

Who doesn’t love finishing an achievement in games, seeing that icon pop up, raising your Gamerscore, the glory of saying ‘Oh, yeah, I got that one’? Missions are no different, they’re the achievements of Summer Reading; here’s a way to rack up more points with Mission 3 and earn a sweet reward at the end.

Mission 3 starts out the same way as many of the other missions, simply read and log one book for Reading is FUNdamental. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with the missions so far you should be well on your way to completing the five book challenge (if you haven’t completed it already, that is!) This is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone and make progress towards two different missions. You might as well, right?

Did you know that you can get free music from the library? No, not like CDs you have to check out, free music, mp3s, that you keep! Power Anthem, the next part of Mission 3, is all about Freegal where you can download music for free, put it on as many devices as you’d like; that means no due date and no worries.

You can get to Freegal any time by just going to our website and taking a look under the E-library tab. If you just click on ‘Downloadable Music’ you’ll find yourself on Freegal. You can search by artist, album, song title, even genre. You can download five songs per week, but you can pick and choose songs of an album you want, or get an entire album over a couple weeks. To complete Power Anthem, all you have to do is download a song!

What’s your favorite subject? Do you love basketball, baseball, history, art, or gaming? You’ve probably noticed non-fiction in the library is all labeled by number; these numbers are marking what the subject is, the longer the number, the more specific it is. Pick a favorite subject and find out from our catalog or a helpful local librarian what the dewey decimal number is. Share this number with staff, and they will give you a code to enter; with that Dewey Know Where to Find It is done!

Ready, Set, Where do you Read is quick and easy; like the last part it’s about you, but instead of the ‘what’ this one is about the ‘where’! All you have to do is pick out your favorite spot to read. Is it on your bed, a nook at home, at the table, in the library, outside? Take a picture of your favorite spot and upload it. Easy!

When all is said and done, you’ll have some free songs, quick points, and a free book! Happy achievement hunting, and stay tuned for more mission breakdowns!

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