DIY Guitar Designs

Earlier this summer teens from all branches of the Santa Clarita Public Library created their own guitar designs from materials supplied as part of our 2015 Summer Reading Program “Read to the Rhythm.”

Participants entered their designs in our contest vying for a chance at an acoustic guitar.

 DSC03985Created at Canyon Country.  DSC03966Created at Old Town Newhall.  DSC03980Created at Valencia.

The top design from each branch has been selected (pictured above). Join us at our Jamboree Finale on Saturday, July 25th to congratulate the winner of DIY guitar. The winners of the Teen Grand Prizes will also be announced at Jamboree.

Take a look at the many creative designs submitted.

DSC03964 DSC03977 DSC03984 DSC03999 DSC03982 DSC03997
DSC03991 DSC03981 DSC03986 DSC03987 DSC03978 DSC03992
DSC03983 DSC03990 DSC03967 DSC03979 DSC03989 DSC03974
DSC03994 DSC03970 DSC03996 DSC04001 DSC03998 DSC03973
DSC03971 DSC03988 DSC04004 DSC04002 DSC03993

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