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Inauguration Days

Inauguration Days


Inauguration Day is fast approaching; every four years on January 20th at noon the individual elected to be the president of the United States takes their oath and is officially sworn into office. This, like many other aspects of the U.S. election system is full of traditions that at this point have spanned decades. Where did these traditions come from? Have they always been in place since the beginning of our presidential system, or did they develop over time?


Did you know:

  • William Henry Harrison had the longest inaugural speech of any president, but the shortest term.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the only president not to be sworn in with the bible.
  • Dwight Eisenhower, in 1953, was the beginning of the January 20th inauguration trend.
  • The inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson was the first to take place on an airplane, and the first oath of office administered by a woman.


Interested in finding out more quirky presidential facts? Check out the Library of Congress’ Resource Guide here!

It’s Time To Vote!

It’s Time To Vote!


For many of you, it may be your first opportunity to vote in this election. As many of you know, this election has been particularly contentious; however, please don’t let that dissuade you from voting. If you haven’t voted already (some of you may have through mail-in-ballots or early voting) tomorrow is election day and time to go out and use your new ability to make your voice heard.

Some of you may have heard the words “My vote doesn’t really matter” this election. With how stressful the election season can be sometimes it can feel easier to just say that you’re singular vote won’t make a big difference and try to separate yourself from it. Remember, your vote does matter, and not just for the presidential election. Not only will the candidate elected for President of the United States be the one to choose who will fill the the empty seat on the Supreme Court, a decision that could have an impact far longer than the four year term we’re electing a president for, there are also numerous decisions about other candidates from state to local and countless propositions that will effect the state of California.

Did you know that there are seventeen different propositions that will also be decided during this election? Everything from medication costs to the death penalty to educational funding are mentioned. Because there is so much focus on the presidential election, sometimes these are viewed as less important, a fact that can make votes of individuals even more important.

Not sure where to vote? Check out this site and just put in your address to find out where your polling place is!

Good luck, get out there, and vote!