TBR: There’s Someone Inside Your House​ by Stephanie Perkins

This book’s title gives away a lot about its content. It’s about, well… someone being inside other people’s houses. Except the part that it doesn’t give away is that this person is also brutally murdering these characters and not just at their houses either. In short, There’s Someone Inside Your House ​is an unsettling tale about a serial killer who is targeting teens in a small Nebraska town. (A quick warning: This book is only suitable for readers who are young-adult and up. Not to scare you or anything, but just because the novel contains more gruesome content than most may be accustomed to seeing in mystery/suspense novels.)

Let’s start with the positives. For one, I found the plot of the book to be quite interesting, and the author was able to keep me guessing throughout as to who the killer was. Next, the characters felt pretty solid overall, along with some nice accompanying solid character development. And lastly, this book is definitely a must-read for those who crave action because it’s full of it.

But now moving onto some drawbacks, while the characters, as mentioned above, were pretty solid, they also weren’t too likeable for some reason. I didn’t end up really caring about the characters –as in the main characters, mostly– even near the end of the book, but that could just be me. I think the main reason was that it was just hard to connect with and relate to the characters, and one of the main characters, Makani, reveals some inner conflict she’s been having for a long time to her other friends later in the story, which I personally found hard to follow and thought could have been conveyed more effectively.

Second, I felt that it was slightly confusing to keep track of all the characters early on in the book, as at that stage it was hard to determine which characters were important or not. I’d advise to keep that in mind as you go through this book if you choose to read it. And third, there’s a romance that develops between two main characters in the story, Makani and Ollie, that felt kind of cheesy and really unnecessary too, but if you’re into that kind of thing, it could be a positive for you.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a little spook during the holidays, miss Halloween, or want to feel an adrenaline rush, this book’s for you. While not the best book in my opinion, it was a fairly solid read. Enjoy reading!

Review By ~ Andrew

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