Books to Watch

It’s hot, summer is officially here. With a new month comes a new batch of movies or shows from Netflix; this month is filled with book adaptions to watch while you stay indoors where its cool Cursed follows Nimue a young sorceress given the task to reunite a ancient sword…

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The Call of the Wild book review

This is a great time to read or reread The Call of the Wild because the movie was just released in February 2020 and is now available to rent online.  But wait! Read the book before watching the movie so that your imagination is untainted and free to interpret the story for yourself!
When reading, ask yourself:
  • Where is Buck going? And why?
  • What are the intentions of the people he interacts with?
  • How does Buck learn to adapt?
  • What lessons does Buck learn?
  • What does the title “The Call of the Wild” mean to Buck?
Get a copy of the ebook or audiobook through Santa Clarita Public Library database or your Overdrive app. If you cannot find an available copy, look in the public domain at

Enjoy reading this exciting story!

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Read This!!

    Hey Teens, Hows it going? Are you reading? I hope you are, I hope you are all reading so much that you don’t know what to read next because I have some book recommendations for you. Check out the video above for one of my favorite reads or…

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