TBR: The Edge of Anything By Nora Shalaway Carpenter

The Edge of Anything​ was a very wholesome read, at least for me. If it could be summed up in four words, it would really be these: mental health and friendship. Set in North Carolina, this book is centered around the tale of two girls, Sage and Len, who each have to come to terms with medical conditions that are threatening to destroy their lives entirely but also become close friends and help each other get over their medical conditions as the story progresses. Before moving on, I’d like to make clear that I recommend this for readers who are young adults or older, as it does have some mature content.

First and foremost, this novel was unique in that it was centered around this theme of how unforeseen circumstances and events, specifically those affecting your health, can come into your life but to rise above them regardless. In the case of Sage, she was a star high school volleyball player set to be accepted into very prestigious volleyball schools when she passed out on the volleyball court during one of her games and found out later that she had a rare heart disease that could kill her if she overexerted herself. And in the case of Len, she’d been struggling from trauma that resulted from a tragic event that occurred a year prior, as well as a severe case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It was truly inspirational and moving to see how the two characters overcame their major obstacles in life, but above that, it was truly great to see how the friendship between Sage and Len developed.

Last but not least, I loved seeing the character development in this novel, but more so than that, I enjoyed seeing the message of the importance of mental strength and mental wellness, which is all the more relevant during these times. This book really contains many messages and themes that are bound to make you a better person, such as remembering not to judge others and trying to include them, among numerous others.

In conclusion, T​he Edge of Anything​ is a truly touching novel that I hope will make you a stronger and better person by the time you finish it. Always remember to take care of not just your physical well-being but also your mental well-being, and do not despair in the face of unforeseen challenges or circumstances; power through them. I hope that you find this read relaxing and enjoyable.

Review By ~ Andrew

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