Summer Reading Has Begun!!

Summer Reading 2017 has begun!! This year we are Building A Better World!


The 2017 Summer Reading Program will have loads of awesome programs at every branch and amazing prizes!

What you need to know:

  • Every Monday all three libraries will have Summer Staycation where you can come and hang out, play games and have snacks!
  • Each library will have programs during the week and they will alternate between each library, so if you miss one you can always catch it at a different library on a different week!!
  • Valencia will have weekly programs every Tuesday, Canyon Country will have their programs every Wednesday and Newhall will have theirs every Thursday!!
  • For every mission you complete you will either win earbuds, a gift card or get entered into a drawing to win a bigger gift card!
  • When you complete the Read 5 Book Challenge you will win a free book!
  • Prizes can be picked up at any location!


Sign up for Summer Reading by clicking the image below!

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